Our Quality is superb! All of our stickers for sneakers are made from premium cast vinyl materials of the best brands in the market.
• Outstanding durability and performance
• Waterproof
• Scratch-proof
• Colour fade-proof
• Easy application, saving valuable installation time
• Ideal for curved and corrugated surface
• Excellent long-term removability after the intended period of use
When applied properly to a clean, dry, smooth surface, our stickers for sneakers are there to stay.


• Make sure hands are carefully clean before beginning installation.
• Never allow one portion of the adhesive side to touch another.
• Be Certain that all strokes overlap each other in order to avoid trapped air bubbles.
• Always install at an enclosed well lit area.
• Avoid installing in windy conditions.

Always be patient. Be sure that you made the correct place adjustments before proceeding with the installation of the adhesive side of the film to the desired area.
Use the heat gun or the hair dryer from a descent distance (15 cm) and with circular motions start to heat the vinyl and with your fingers just press the vinyl to activate the adhesive.
With the heat gun remember if your fingers are burnt then the vinyl will burn also.


Tools You need
• A 70% alcohol for cleaning the desired installation area.
• Heat Gun or hairdryer


Vinyl (just like paint) are degraded by prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants. Whenever possible, store your sneakers in a shaded area during the day. If the stickers for sneakers start to discolour or turn brown, immediately remove the vinyl from the sneaker to avoid staining the underlying sneaker leather or plastic.


With the heat gun or hairdryer, heat the desired sticker for sneaker in order to soften the adhesive. Do so with a sweeping motion from a distance for 4-5 seconds, making sure not to heat up the sneaker too much.

When the sticker for sneaker is warmed up, with your finger starting from an edge of the sticker, start to peel it off at a 90 degrees’ angle. This helps the sticker from tearing and it usually lifts the adhesive side of the sticker from the paint.

ATTENTION: If you feel resistance from the sticker while you try to peel it off, apply a bit of heat with the same method mentioned above.

Once the sticker for sneaker is removed completely, if there is some adhesive left over, put some alcohol on the clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe the excess adhesive away.

Tools You need
• A clean soft microfiber cloth.
• A 70% alcohol for cleaning excess adhesive.
• Heat Gun or Hairdryer.